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In the Beginning:

The chapel in Henley was built in 1841 by "Independents", 14 years after "Independents" acquired the chapel up the road at Low Ham from Wesleyan Methodists. The average congregation was 60, I assume mostly farm labourers, but the congregation on Census Sunday 1851 (30th March 1851) was reported as 51, a little lower than average. In 1896 the building was renovated and enlarged with the addition of "the schoolroom".


20th Century:

Due to its unobtrusive nature, it is hard to find much on the history of the chapel online. Kelly's directory of 1939 mentions "... and another (Congregational chapel) at Henley, built in 1841, sitting 80 persons. Today, with the pews replaced with chairs, it would be difficult to seat 80 persons, especially when the worship band is playing! states "it was still open in 1965 when a Sunday School was held every Sunday afternoon and a service every Sunday evening." I've got news for them... it's still open now in 2014 and some of the current attendees were members of that Sunday School!!


Into the 21st Century...:

The late 20th century saw numbers attending Henley Chapel fall sharply, with an ageing congregation, but recent changes have seen life once again flowing. In the first decade of the new century a new roof was put on "the schoolroom" and since then major renovations have been happening. Toilet and kitchen facilities have been added and a replacement floor in the schoolroom, together with a wood stove both to reduce electricity bills and make the roommore "homely". In 2011 a new roof was put on the main chapel. 2012 has seen a new floor and further major interior renovations.

But it's not the material changes that make the difference... it's the people. Now in attendance is a regular congregation of 15-20, encompassing all ages. All are friendly and approachable and have one thing in mind... worship of our great God of Grace.


Team Bio:

As aready mentioned on the welcome page, Henley Christian Fellowship has no real heirarchical structure; however the following people are members of a small steering committe


Mike Hubble: Secretary

Mike is the person who many would see as "the leader". He is ultimately responsible for the general day-to-day running of the chapel in booking speakers, communicating with others etc.


Jon Hubble: Fabric, media and music:

Mike's son Jon is the creative member of the team. His heart is to see the love of God shine forth from Henley Chapel as a beacon to the village. He heads up the music in worship and also the community film work.


Jan Doidge: Treasurer

Jan's responsibility is to make sure the bills get paid.


Paula Fisher: Consultant!

With an eye for interior decoration, Paula has been advising with the recent decorations and is currently making the curtains for the coffee room. Her husband has recently re-roofed the main hall and also replaced the floor!